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and I already spent a few days at the Sunshine Coast to unwind and chill out!

Firstly the Mercure Hotel was a place to gather for nearly all cambridge students in Brizzie last Tuesday! It was bloody freezing inside (thanks to Aircon! 17degrees!) But we all gave our best in every single paper. therefore it wasn't a big surprise that the exam went pretty well. just like a exam goes. but please don't ask for the results, cause I won't get them before March, maybe earlier. anyway I can tell u that i am pretty happy how it went

After we went out for dinner and had a few drinks at the Down Under Bar..

soo now I am back on holiday but still quite busy.. 


where was I? ahh the Sunshine Coast. yeah we all spent a few lovely days at the Coast. Just for a short update: Sally is of course more tanned than I. and Fiona is calling me snow white.. furthermore Sall is killing herself laughing only because I am not that used to huge waves as she is. but i am doing pretty good I think, even thoug Mike says there is worry all over my face if there is a huge and massive wave comming closer and closer as far was I remember the first thing swiss people do is skiing and not swimming. therefor this must be the only, simple but main difference between aussies and swiss's =)

We went on a day trip to Montville, where we all had a lunch full of taste sensation!!! later that day we had a look at the gardner falls! i found them absolutely amazing.. 

So today I finally did my souvenir shopping. unfortunately as a result of shopping I have to live on water and bread from this day forward..

in three days I am flying to Canberra until the 22.12 =) 


I heard u guys have that much snow!! i am sure u are all snowboarding or at least thinking of going snowboarding??? I wanna see snow pictures!!!!please!

talk to you later

and this is only for Corin: Hase merci tusig mou für dis päckli. i cha gar nid gnue merci säge.. du bisch eifach wunderbar u hesch drum e extra Erwähnig hie uf mim Blog verdient!!!!

14.12.08 09:21

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