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back home in Brisbane but also back in the heat

Canberra was just amazing. I really liked the temperature there which was around 17-25degrees (during my stay), I loved the countryside and I loved going on bike tours even more

Apart from bike riding I had my first experiences with the australien bush. snakes, ants (massive ants), huge ant hills, wild boar (but dead) rivers with crocs? no just joking and and and. However the aim of our bush trip was THE BIG HOLE. and we found it

Even thoug the SWISS EMBASSY was disppointing I am going back there with Marc...

now I am home in Brisbane, its hot again and I am a little bit buggered thats why I am having a good night sleep right now 



22.12.08 14:44

taste sensation


and I already spent a few days at the Sunshine Coast to unwind and chill out!

Firstly the Mercure Hotel was a place to gather for nearly all cambridge students in Brizzie last Tuesday! It was bloody freezing inside (thanks to Aircon! 17degrees!) But we all gave our best in every single paper. therefore it wasn't a big surprise that the exam went pretty well. just like a exam goes. but please don't ask for the results, cause I won't get them before March, maybe earlier. anyway I can tell u that i am pretty happy how it went

After we went out for dinner and had a few drinks at the Down Under Bar..

soo now I am back on holiday but still quite busy.. 


where was I? ahh the Sunshine Coast. yeah we all spent a few lovely days at the Coast. Just for a short update: Sally is of course more tanned than I. and Fiona is calling me snow white.. furthermore Sall is killing herself laughing only because I am not that used to huge waves as she is. but i am doing pretty good I think, even thoug Mike says there is worry all over my face if there is a huge and massive wave comming closer and closer as far was I remember the first thing swiss people do is skiing and not swimming. therefor this must be the only, simple but main difference between aussies and swiss's =)

We went on a day trip to Montville, where we all had a lunch full of taste sensation!!! later that day we had a look at the gardner falls! i found them absolutely amazing.. 

So today I finally did my souvenir shopping. unfortunately as a result of shopping I have to live on water and bread from this day forward..

in three days I am flying to Canberra until the 22.12 =) 


I heard u guys have that much snow!! i am sure u are all snowboarding or at least thinking of going snowboarding??? I wanna see snow pictures!!!!please!

talk to you later

and this is only for Corin: Hase merci tusig mou für dis päckli. i cha gar nid gnue merci säge.. du bisch eifach wunderbar u hesch drum e extra Erwähnig hie uf mim Blog verdient!!!!

14.12.08 09:21

time is running

haven't talked to you in a while so i just wanted to let you know what i am up to.

I spent an absolutly great weekend at the Gold Coast. Very important was this weekend and the following week to Sal owing to SCHOOLIES! I'm sure you guys are wondering now what the hell is Schoolies.

It is not easy but simple to explain.

Party Party and Parties all week long with a few arrests but a really great thing though!


Before I went to the Gold Coast to see that there are huge waves (my lovely family keeps telling me these were only baby waves) we had finished the course book. So last week was a study week with focus on speaking. Fortunately the Speaking Exam is over now ( 28.11 9h20) That means no more interviews, comparing and contrasting (sometimes bloody) pictures, two-way collaborative tasks and three-way discussions! To be honest our teachers were more nervous as we were. Anyway we knew how to help ourselves (it doesn't really matter how, some had Vodka and some es Kafi Schnaps). We all love the funny rules from Cambridge especially YOU MUST leave the building and you must NOT come back or talk to other students! otherwise you are disqualified! but No worries we all went straightaway to Pic n' Whistle :-)

A special thanks right now goes to Alice my speaking mate, it was a pleasure to work with you we did great but i have to add that we had a really good topic: inviroment and tourism! haha we were lucky!

Last night was a student party and so I stayed at a friends house. we had a swim in the swimmingpooL before we caught up with Peter for studying at the coolest library i've ever been.

Despite the fact that we are all a little bit tired we keep studying! yes we really do!


guys I really miss the snow! but a beach full of sand isn't bad though but do not think we've got ALWAYS GOOD and SUNNY weather! We've got heavy storms far often. Have a look -->

but don't be afraid now. i am doing great!

so i've got still 4 more exams to go. Reading, Listening, Writing and Use of English. they are all on the 9.12.

ooh I forgot to tell you that Brisbane City has a Christmas Tree

and check out the new photos online now and up to date Gold Coast and all day Haloween


29.11.08 09:24

Peter (Jamie) Oliver

I had my best Sushi and Korean Food EVER (sorry Dad I really really love your chinese & thai food but that was something different - hope you can forgive me?!)

Peter from downstairs coffee now better known as Peter (Jamie) Oliver cooked for us guys a wide choice of all self made, a little spicy and absolutely jammy korean dishes.

THANK YOU PETER for that lovely Day

enjoy the photos, i'm sure you feel a little bit hungry now?



16.11.08 01:07


.. me het scho am Morge früech gmerkt das Halloween isch. mis stamm Kafi isch mit Chürbise dekoriert gsi & i ha de es paar Täfeli dörfe useläse. das cha jo e richtig süesse Tag wärde - und isches ou gsi

vom 11i bis am 12i simr mit dr Klass ad Riverside eis go drinke. üsi Lehrere d Naomi het gfunge, das wäri mou e gueti Abwächslig. zum zMittag simr de widr is Schueuhus zrugg, es isch viu z heiss gsi zum dusse ässe. zerste mou isches würkli e Affee Hitz gsi! (hüt isches übrigens ou zum dervo schmüuze)

do dr Bruno gester dr letzt Schueutag het gha und jz na chli geit go umereise, si mir aui nach dr Schueu eis, zwöi go zieh. dr Roger het grad um die zyt gspiut und so hei mir dä Federer Match i vouer Längi chönä gniesse

nöchschti Station isch bir Marlen de heime gsi. ihri Hostfamily het e Halloweenparty gschmisse. Mir hei aui viu zviiiu Pizza und süesses gässe. es isch würkli e super Obe gsi!

Hüt Morge hei mir vom 6-11 e sone Flohmärit gha. Garage Sale nennt sech das. hei nid so viu verchouft, wie mir gärn hätti gha. abr es het ömu de glängt das d Sally und ig hei chönä go es Glace ässe :-)


1.11.08 06:26

Die Hakenfrage

Ou weni zAustralie bini tip top informiert was aus so louft. dank es paar Spione

drum isch mir ou nid entgange, dass Ursus & Nadeschkin z Langetu um Stadttheater si gsi. 

et voilà:

arderoben-Einblick in Langenthal.
18 Kleiderhaken für 2 Protagonisten. Das ist erstaunlich. Allerdings schaffen wir es auch problemlos, 50 Kleiderhaken zu benutzen, wenn mal soviele im Angebot sind...
Noch bemerkenswerter ist allerdings, dass wir unser Hab und Gut auch auf bloss 2 Haken verteilen könnten, wenn es denn nur 2 hätte.

Ist nicht unser ganzes Leben voller Haken?
Müssen wir nicht ständig mit den Haken auskommen, die uns zur Verfügung stehen?
Es gibt hakenvollere Tage und hakenlosere Tage, und manchmal, in ganz düsteren Stunden, meistens dort, wo man es nicht erwartet, hat es gar keine Haken.
So ist das Leben.
Und das ist der Haken.

Und was ist eigentlich mit Haken Yakin?

(übrigens liebs Mami, das Programm hei mir zwöi scho gseh

27.10.08 13:14


Mango mmmh. stöuet nech dr Gschmak vore feine Mango vor. ere tropische saftige und duftige Mango. so eini hets hüt zum Dessert gäh.. himmlisch!! e Mango vo hie isch nid zvergliche mit eire bi üs. me chönt meine was me do für nes Stück Gourmet im Muu het..


irgendwie het die Wuche ziemli hert agfange... dir fählet mir aui furchtbar......................



27.10.08 11:44

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