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haven't talked to you in a while so i just wanted to let you know what i am up to.

I spent an absolutly great weekend at the Gold Coast. Very important was this weekend and the following week to Sal owing to SCHOOLIES! I'm sure you guys are wondering now what the hell is Schoolies.

It is not easy but simple to explain.

Party Party and Parties all week long with a few arrests but a really great thing though!


Before I went to the Gold Coast to see that there are huge waves (my lovely family keeps telling me these were only baby waves) we had finished the course book. So last week was a study week with focus on speaking. Fortunately the Speaking Exam is over now ( 28.11 9h20) That means no more interviews, comparing and contrasting (sometimes bloody) pictures, two-way collaborative tasks and three-way discussions! To be honest our teachers were more nervous as we were. Anyway we knew how to help ourselves (it doesn't really matter how, some had Vodka and some es Kafi Schnaps). We all love the funny rules from Cambridge especially YOU MUST leave the building and you must NOT come back or talk to other students! otherwise you are disqualified! but No worries we all went straightaway to Pic n' Whistle :-)

A special thanks right now goes to Alice my speaking mate, it was a pleasure to work with you we did great but i have to add that we had a really good topic: inviroment and tourism! haha we were lucky!

Last night was a student party and so I stayed at a friends house. we had a swim in the swimmingpooL before we caught up with Peter for studying at the coolest library i've ever been.

Despite the fact that we are all a little bit tired we keep studying! yes we really do!


guys I really miss the snow! but a beach full of sand isn't bad though but do not think we've got ALWAYS GOOD and SUNNY weather! We've got heavy storms far often. Have a look -->

but don't be afraid now. i am doing great!

so i've got still 4 more exams to go. Reading, Listening, Writing and Use of English. they are all on the 9.12.

ooh I forgot to tell you that Brisbane City has a Christmas Tree

and check out the new photos online now and up to date Gold Coast and all day Haloween


29.11.08 09:24

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