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hey guys

I hope you are happy with these lovely cool degrees in Switzerland. Marc and I rather be home than in Adelaide with bloody hot 46 degrees! And its not gonna cool down at night, so we dont get much sleep! Even the train lines are melted, houses lost power. ( we can be so lucky that our hotel still has power). In this heat we hardly can't eat, so we try to stay as cool as possible and are drinking heaps of water!

Anyway we had a absolutely fantastic time until now....

Marc arrived 12h late on Sallys Bday morning. He did very well the whole day as he stayed awake during partying. We spent the next day in the city, so that Marc could see where I've been living for six months. Alicia and Ben arrived on the same day and we all had a jummy Barbi together. I am still very happy that Alicia and I could catch up again.. ;-)

We spent our first weekend up the coast, where we had a surf in the sea and a swim in the pool, went Australia Zoo (Marc thought Wombats are smaler - abr es si huere d Fiicher). Marc really liked the Sunshine Coast and would have spent more days there if he could. We left the Sunshine Coast on Monday 12th and arrived in Sydney 1h 30 min later. (Brisbane - Sydney 1000km). Even though we had a quite a good time in Sydney I just dont like this City. To be honest the people there are unfriendly and rude, so it was great to caught up with Marlen & Stefan so we could see a friendly face during our stay. If you need a Boost from time to time (as I do) don't go to Syndey 'cause the one and only Boost Shop you will find is at Darling Harbor. However some great entertaining was going on at Darling Harbor, the Sydney Festival. We watched Lola rennt (run Lola run) at the Open Air Cinema. It was a german film, supported with a drum n' bass band from the UK. " Es isch nuem wit, abr es geit na lang" That's how it works in Sydney. Simply due to the fact that you have to wait for ages at the red light until you can cross the street. For example we could see our hotel down the road but it still took us 15 more minutes to get there. One mission in Syndey was to find Kings Bloody Cross, based on one of the best aussie movies ever - They are a wierd Mob. On our last evening we went out for dinner with Adam & Barbara. It was lovely to see these guys again. ( I stayed with them early Sep. for a weekend). We got our car (Ford focus) on Friday and arrived in the Blue Mountains on the same day. Oooh that fresh air up there was soo good. It was so beautilful that we went on a 4h haik and saw the famous three sisters and many waterfalls in the rain forest.

Our next stop was in Canberra, where we went on a bike tour (thanks a lot to Scott), visited the War Memorial and the Parliament House.

On our way to Melbourne we stopped in Eden and slept in a huge caravan with 8beds for 25 bucks each! We stayed the following night in Sale and the night after at Philps Island, where we watched the cute Pinguin Parade. At this point of travelling our car run into a Kangaroo for the firs time. No Worries we didnt have a crash and all three of us got away safely.

Finally we got to Melbourne, where you NEVER turn left. If Marc and I could choose we would move to Melbourne cause we liked it that much. Especially the Toorak road with these lovely shops and restaurants. But Brizzie will always be my Home. Due to the fact that a trip to Melbourne wouldn't work without a match at the Australian Open, we went there the first night. HOPP SCHWIIZ!! Go Federer!! Go Wawrinka!! We both got so tired during travelling that we must have had a day off with a sleep in to midday and a relaxing arvo in a park near by.

We reached the Great Ocean Road shortly after we left Melbourne and got to see the Twelve Apostles at the same day. In Port Campbell we stayed in a lovely B&B and travelled the next day to Robe, where the temperature reached over 40 degrees for the first time. Victor Harbor, our last stop before Adelaide, was even hotter but we survied the evening with watching Tennis.

Since we got to Adelaide (yesterday) we have to spend the whole day inside as it is way to hot to see more from the city and the region of Adelaide. =( The only thing I want right now is to go back home to Brizzie.

To be honest it was hard to leave Brisbane, because I've been missing my family there every single day since I left. And I am soo happy to have Marc with me, we both have so much fun together. Thank you, mate!

See you guys in a week time..

Love Marc & Miry

31.1.09 03:37

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